Sometimes people may think that their problems are too small to need professional help but often if problems are left to continue they may become more serious and can take longer to overcome.

No matter how big or complicated you feel your troubles have become, Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist Brisbane, can help you overcome your struggles in a practical and caring way.

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Family conflict. Young couple after quarrel in living room at home

Anger Management

From mild frustration to full blown rage, we all experience it at some point or another. Anger is a natural feeling and managing it is important for emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. When difficulties with anger management occur, anger begins to have significantly negative impacts on an individual’s life including work, personal wellbeing as well…



Sadness or feeling down for a short time is a normal part of life. Often your mood picks up when support from family or friends is present or there is a change in your situation. If your mood does not improve within a couple of weeks or it begins to significantly impact your social or…


Dealing with Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal part of everyday life and in many situations it is reasonable to react with some anxiety. However about 15 – 20 % of the population experience anxiety that is more intense and lasts for longer. Anxiety which affects your everyday life, ability to go to work or impacts social activities is…


Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be frightening for people who experience them since there appears to be no reason for them. When a panic attack occurs, often feelings of fear increase and make the panic attack last longer. Sometimes people fear that they are having a heart attack and sometimes they are taken to hospital. Panic attacks…


Learning Disability

  Specific Learning Disorder is the term used in the psychiatry manual (DSM-5) to describe learning difficulties in a variety of skills that children are expected to learn at school (some previously called this Dyslexia). Learning difficulties can occur in all aspects of reading, mathematics, spelling and written expression. It is important that before a…


Making Relationships Work

All relationships go through difficult times. Two people in a relationship or marriage often have differing expectations of what they want from the relationship. They may have trouble communicating those expectations to each other or get caught up in their busy lives and the demands of children or work.  A happy, emotionally resilient relationship doesn’t…