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Marriage Counselling

Margaret can help your marriage by: Improving the quality of communication between you and your spouse through learning more effective ways to talk to one another about the issues and conflicts that can cause significant tension at home. Developing problem-solving skills that are vital to working out relationship difficulties and other issues impacting on your relationship. Improving…


Adult Concerns Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist can help adults to lead more comfortable lives personally and in relationships with others at home, socially and at work by assisting concerns. Anxiety Depression Post Natal Depression Perinatal Depression Relationship Issues Panic Attacks Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Shyness/Social Phobia Phobias Suicide Self Esteem Social Anxiety Sexual/Physical/Verbal Abuse Obsessive Compulsive…

Teenage Counselling

Issues Faced During Adolescence Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist is able to provide services to assist adolescents with coping with the ever changing challenges in their lives, from school to work and through to further education. Most children’s issues also apply to adolescents, especially those in middle school years. However, other issues arise during High School…