We all have periods in our lives when we feel ‘blue’, sad, disappointed or upset but mostly these feeling soon pass and don’t affect the normal everyday things we do. Severe depression however affects people both mentally and emotionally and has a negative effect on a person’s everyday living. If you have been depressed for…

Child Psychology

Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist can help children to cope better socially, emotionally and academically at school. Parents may also need assistance with guiding their children during their growing years. Anxiety Autistim Spectrum Disorder Asperger’s Syndrome Depression Parental Divorce/Separation Anger Management Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD Behavioural Problems Behavioural Management Parenting Issues Bullying Self Esteem Social…

What To Expect


A consultation with Margaret usually last for an hour. The initial assessment will often involve Margaret asking a series of questions to help determine the underlying problems.

From there you can negotiate a treatment plan for future sessions. The length of time taken to complete therapy varies, depending upon the nature of the problem.

Skilled Support

Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist can help you to develop the skills to change your life through learning new ways to deal with problems and reclaim your life. Margaret has 30 years experience in a helping adults and children, couples and families through a range of therapies.

Margaret McDonald can help you. Contact Us.

Fees & Duration

When one asks what does therapy involve or how many psychology sessions will it take to get better we can only say that each client will vary depending on their individual needs. It is difficult to guess the number of sessions that you may require. Some people are happy to simply talk through a pressing…

Library and Resources

Margaret McDonald Clinical Psychologist Brisbane can offer you a variety of psychology resources to help improve your life. The Brisbane Northside psychology practice features a library with useful books and tools to improve emotional wellbeing. By providing resources to use at home, a faster resolution to your problems is possible. Margaret McDonald offers a range…