Australia recognizes the difference between learning difficulties, and learning disabilities. Learning difficulties are diagnosed when there is no documented intellectual or physical disability. As many as 2 or 3 students in each classroom can have learning difficulties, and may struggle with spelling, reading or maths. Generally a child’s teacher or parent will suspect a learning…


Depression is more than feeling sad. Sadness is a part of everyday life. Depression is diagnosed when that sadness goes on for more than two weeks and is making day to day life hard to manage. When a child is depressed, they find it hard to see anything that is worthwhile. They may be teary,…


Anxiety and worry are a normal part of childhood. Being afraid of the unknown or in response to a scary situation is how we weren’t eaten by dinosaurs! However, when your child’s fears are starting to interfere with their schoolwork, friendships or family life, you may decide to seek professional help. In children anxiety and…

Psychology Counselling

Margaret offers treatment for the following:

Anger Management
Relationship Counselling
Eating Disorders
Learning Difficulties for Adults
Psychological Assessments
Sexual Problems
Workplace Bullying
Work-Related Stress

Margaret also offers the following services:

Evidence-based Psychological Interventions
Mindfullness Training
Pain Management
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training