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Child Anger Management

By July 10, 2019No Comments

We all feel angry from time to time. Since we were toddlers, anger has been a normal response to frustration, disappointment and stress. Anger can be a useful emotion; it can help us overcome problems and achieve goals. It can provide motivation and when expressed positively help us assert ourselves.

As children mature, they learn to express their anger appropriately and strategies for dealing with day to day frustrations and stresses. Some children however lack these skills and their anger presents as tantrums or aggressive behavior. This behavior is then disruptive in their classroom, in the family and in their social life.

If you think your child has a problem with anger management there are a few strategies you can try at home. Teaching your child to recognize when they are having negative angry feelings and then use deep breathing or calming strategies. Exploring different ideas for children to use when they become angry and having a special ‘calm down’ place where they can be left alone when they feel out of control.

Margaret has helped many children and parents recognize when anger management is a problem, and helped them learn the skills they need to change their behavior. To book an appointment, please phone the office on (07)3862 8833