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Depression is more than feeling sad. Sadness is a part of everyday life. Depression is diagnosed when that sadness goes on for more than two weeks and is making day to day life hard to manage.

When a child is depressed, they find it hard to see anything that is worthwhile. They may be teary, irritable or angry. Often they don’t have the ability to recognize that they are depressed, just that they don’t feel good or right. They may be tired all the time and slow to move or do things. They may have trouble sleeping or they may sleep more than usual. Often children who are depressed feel worthless and unlovable, and so withdraw from social and family circles. Some children who are depressed have thoughts of suicide and self-harm.

Depression is diagnosed through a series of test that are conducted by a trained health professional. Treatment often takes the form of counselling, where the child will learn skills that change negative thinking patterns. Margaret will help you and your child develop an effective support plan and strategies to help your child through this difficult time, and protect them from further episodes.

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