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Specific Learning Disorder is the term used in the psychiatry manual (DSM-5) to describe learning difficulties in a variety of skills that children are expected to learn at school (some previously called this Dyslexia). Learning difficulties can occur in all aspects of reading, mathematics, spelling and written expression.

It is important that before a child enters school that language difficulties are identified and treated by a Speech & Language Therapist. Language skills are the building blocks upon which all literacy skills are built. This includes reading, spelling and written expression. Language problems can be identified in children at three years but sometimes earlier.

Learning disorders or disabilities are not related to intelligence. However it is important to determine your child’s intelligence to know if your child is achieving to his/her ability level. More boys than girls have learning difficulties and sometimes there is a family history of learning difficulties. Sometimes adverse events in a young child’s life can cause temporary developmental delays.

Children now commence reading skills in their Preparatory Year making early identification of learning difficulties even more important. Talking to class teachers can give you some idea about how your child is progressing.

Learning difficulties can continue throughout Primary School and into High School. As High School curriculum assumes that children can read words fluently, it is important that learning difficulties are remediated during Primary School. Often children become disruptive in class or give up trying to cope as they progress through school when they cannot understand what is being taught and when they lack the skills to cope with homework, tests, or writing assignments.

Margaret McDonald started her career as a teacher, and moved into Educational Psychology and then Clinical Psychology. With these qualifications, she is uniquely equipped to diagnose and assist children with learning disabilities. If you think your child may be struggling in their learning an assessment with Margaret will either put your mind at ease, or put you in a position to start interventions as soon as possible.

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