Many people are faced with situations in their lives that do not seem to change despite their best efforts. As an experienced Clinical Psychologist she can help you find solutions, change the way you think about problems and change the way you act and react in distressful and worrying situations.

Margaret McDonald has over 30 years experience in working as a Clinical Psychologist in many different settings. She has also gained extensive and varied experience in Community Health, Welfare, Education and Court facilities, including the Family Court. Margaret’s 30 years of experience has allowed her to gain an appreciation of people’s different and varied needs.

Margaret has created a comfortable and relaxed environment for clients to discuss the problems they are experiencing and the goals they would like to achieve.

Margaret aims to reduce distress, work with you to identify issues/concerns and to empower you with the skills to move forward in your life.

Margaret can also assist you in learning new skills to overcome those problems that persist in your life, your relationship and at work.

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