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Perinatal Depression

By July 10, 2019No Comments

Finding out that you are pregnant is seen as a great joy to most couples. But what about when it is not? Perinatal Depression (or Antenatal Depression) can strike at anytime during your pregnancy. Often it can be brought about by situational factors (unplanned or unwanted pregnancy, relationship issues) or by pre-existing factors (having previously had depression, health problems). It can make what should be a happy time distressing for many women.

Perinatal Depression can be identified as ongoing feelings of sadness, irritability, social withdrawal or loss of enjoyment of usual activities. While many pregnant women will experience some mood swings, Perinatal Depression is ongoing, and it identified as occurring for longer than two or three weeks.

Perinatal depression is treatable with a combination of medication and therapy. With over thirty years experience Margaret McDonald can teach you techniques and strategies to make sure you are enjoying those fleeting months of pregnancy. Please don’t hesitate to phone our office on 3862 8833 or email