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Relationship Issues

By July 10, 2019No Comments

All relationships go through their ups and downs. Two people committing to a life together often have differing expectations of what they want from the relationship, they may have trouble communicating those expectations or after having been together a while may be weighed down by mundane day to day life!

Whether you are contemplating moving in together, or finding that your 20 year relationship is going through a rough patch, learning how to communicate effectively can help. Tackling sensitive issues such as money matters, friendships, emotional support and expectations is difficult at the best of times; however Margaret McDonald can introduce techniques to make this task easier. Learning how to listen effectively, how to compromise and how to see each other’s point of view are some of the concepts Margaret can explore with you and your partner.

With over thirty years experience Margaret McDonald can teach you strategies and give you tools to help get your relationship back on the right track. Please don’t hesitate to phone our office on 3862 8833 or email