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Shyness/Social Phobia

By July 10, 2019No Comments

Shyness is often a trait we associate with children, and assume that adolescents and adults will grow out of. What happens though, when this doesn’t happen? Shyness in adults is often more than just feeling uncomfortable in an unfamiliar situation or environment. Adulthood shyness can lead to social anxiety, social phobia and an overwhelming fear of associating with others. This can lead to depression, anxiety and lonliness.

Research has shown that shyness has many causes such as social trauma, low self esteem, environmental issues and even genetics. There has been no one factor pinpointed as the cause of shyness, rather a combination of many factors.

Shyness need not dominate your life. Using evidence based techniques and strategies, Margaret McDonald can help you overcome your anxieties, and conquer your shyness. To make an appointment with Margaret, please phone the office on 3862 8833, or email on