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Sleep Disorders

By July 10, 2019No Comments

One of the first comments made to new parents, is for them to bid a fond farewell to their sleep pattern.   At any gathering of new parents, the topic of conversation will quickly turn to childrens sleep – good sleepers, bad sleepers and just how little sleep everyone is getting.  It is not surprising then that a common concern psychologists are approached with, is disordered sleeping in children.

For some children, the root of their sleep problems can be anxieties and they benefit from counseling and stress reduction techniques.  Cognitive-behavioural therapy is especially effective in helping children through  this period and can be implemented through regular sessions and home assignments.  Many parents and children find that a few sessions is all it takes to learn or relearn sleeping habits and introduce strategies to overcome worries that may be contributing to disordered sleeping.

Margaret McDonald can work with you and your child to form a treatment plan. It is important to explore your expectations and what is developmentally appropriate, so it is important to consult a trained professional like Margaret. With over thirty years of experience, there are very few sleep problems Margaret hasn’t come across.

To schedule an appointment, please phone the office on 3862 8833.