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Social Problems

By July 10, 2019No Comments

It’s a shame, but we don’t come into this world with the social skills that we need to succeed. As parents, we teach our children how to interact with people – how to have conversations, make friends, listen to other people – all the things that make us social creatures. What happens then, if our children fail to develop these skills?

A visit to the GP may be your first step, to rule out any physical reasons – hearing or visual problems. The GP may also investigate whether your child might be on the austim spectrum. If that comes back clean, then a referral to a qualified psychologist is in order, to help you teach your child strategies for dealing with others.

Margaret McDonald can work with your family to help teach day to day skills spanning a range of situations. She had help you and your child devise workable strategies to make interacting with others easier and more meaningful. To book an appointment or make enquiries phone 07 3862 8833