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Stress Management

By July 10, 2019No Comments

Stress affects us all, every day. For the most part we cope with it, alleviate it and move on. However sometimes it feels like we just cannot get a break. The bills are piling up, there aren’t enough hours in the day and family responsibilities are overwhelming you. While this may happen to most of us occasionally, when it is ongoing, and you simply feel you have no method of coping, stress becomes a problem.

The first port of call is to identify the stressors that are causing you the most grief. Learning which ones you can control, and which ones are outside your control is the starting place for lessening your overall stress. Margaret McDonald can then teach you strategies to help you cope with these stressors. Relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy are just two of the skills that can help with stressmanagment.

With over 30 years counselling experience, Margaret McDonald can help you identify and alleviate stressors in your life. To book an appointment or make enquiries phone 07 3862 8833 or email