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What is Hypnosis?

By July 10, 2019No Comments

Many people think that hypnosis is like sleep or that you “pass out” and are not conscious. This is far from the truth since in hypnosis you are not unconscious and you do have control over your mind and your feelings. Most people feel relaxed and enjoy feeling comfortable and peaceful both mentally and physically.

People experience hypnosis naturally when they daydream or become very absorbed in what they are doing. You can learn to hypnotise yourself to achieve relaxation at home and this is especially helpful for people who experience anxiety or stress.

Hypnosis is often used to help change a person’s behaviour when they wish to break bad habits such as smoking and nail biting. It can also assist in recovery from anxiety, depression, trauma, eating disorders, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, low self esteem, fears and phobias, hypertension, migraine, pain control, asthma and enuresis.