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It is everyone’s right to feel safe and valued in their workplace. Workplace bullying may be obvious things like being threatened physically, to more subtle practices like gossiping, setting an employee up to fail regularly, exclusion or mind games. Ongoing workplace bullying can result in physical injury, a loss of self-esteem and depression.

There are many avenues that can address workplace bullying, however you may find that you need support and strategies on how to do so. As a trained professional, Margaret McDonald can help improve your self-esteem, recognise the specific issues that are distressing you and teach you ideas and techniques to confront them.

Job candicates taking tests in assessment center

With over 30 years experience, Margaret can teach you relaxation techniques to help with the physical aspects of bullying, and strategies to confront those who would bully you. If you feel you would benefit from help in this area please don’t hesitate to phone our office on 3862 8833 or email